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About The Capstone Clinic

The Capstone Clinic was founded by a team that comprises of established medical experts at the peak of their practice and healthcare visionaries. The Capstone Clinic brings together under one roof, multi-speciality expertise with the practice of family medicine thereby offering comprehensive and convenient healthcare and dental care solutions for all age groups and genders. True to our name, our services are a culmination of decades of medical practice, our deep insight into the gaps in current healthcare systems and our resolve to deliver a unique proposition that addresses this gap.India has expanded rapidly in primary and secondary health care services and Chennai has a pride of place as preferred medical hub with many of the doctors in Chennai achieving world-wide recognition in their chosen specialities. Families - whether big or small, nuclear or joint, or even spread across geographies are known to choose Chennai for their family’s health care needs. We recognise an ever-increasing need for one-stop clinics that can effectively address family medicine, giving all members of the family access to best-in-class specialists. Oral and dental health are emerging focus areas as more families realise that dental issues negatively impact productivity and general well-being, both for growing children and adults. Focus on women’s wellness, increased attention on health of growing children, elder care for those blessed with long life, prevention of lifestyle diseases for people in the prime of their life: these are the areas that we believe The Capstone Clinic can effectively address.The team at The Capstone Clinic is a powerhouse of medical expertise and family healthcare, enabling us to diagnose, treat and care for the health concerns of all age groups in a family. Our experienced professionals are amongst most trusted family physicians in Chennai and they ensure that every patient seeking elite family health care, can experience it in a personalised manner and in a pleasant and professionally run environment.Our multispeciality clinic in Chennai, is thoughtfully designed with the right medical infrastructure. We are committed to ensure that our outpatient clinic focuses on delivering a hassle-free patient experience - this means minimal waiting time for appointments, ethical practices in how we deal with every patient and a customer centric approach that strives to make healthcare experience as comforting as possible. Our facility promotes a holistic healthcare atmosphere that is welcoming and soothing, especially from a family healthcare perspective. Our specialised services such as adult vaccinations, geriatric well-being and paediatric dental care in Chennai, have already rendered The Capstone Clinic as a preferred destination for discerning families seeking quality healthcare.Systematic diagnostic processes at our advanced and comprehensive diagnostic center in Chennai ensure that all the diagnostic reports are cross-verified. We follow multi-channel consumer interactions in healthcare delivery for fast and better results, in a premium family medical set-up that gives access to an extraordinary medical experience, with easy accessibility.The comprehensive care starting from the consultations by some of the best doctors in Chennai and dental surgeons, and the nursing care by experienced nurses ensure that we deliver value-based healthcare.

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  • Cardiology
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology