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Greams Road

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About Apollo Sugar Clinic Greams Road Chennai

Apollo Sugar is a diabetes clinic in Greams Road located in Apollo Hospitals. It is a center of excellence in diabetes and endocrinology and provides a wide array of services.   Services at our diabetes clinic in Greams Road:  Diabetologists & Endocrinologists consultationDiabetes testsDiabetes treatmentScreening for diabetes complicationsType 1 diabetes management with insulin therapyGestational diabetes managementFree consultation with dieticians for a diabetic dietContinuous assistance from diabetes educatorsHome diabetes care with connected glucometers and mobile application  Apollo Sugar offers in-clinic and home diabetes care. Our structured long term programs for diabetes provide complete assistance in order to attain blood sugar control and prevent serious complications of diabetes.   With proper blood sugar control many conditions like diabetic retinopathy, end-stage kidney disease, heart problems, and stroke can be avoided. Our programs like Sugar 90 & Sugar 360 provide continuous support to bring down sugar levels and prevent major complications.   Treating more than 50,000 patients per year, Apollo Sugar has a high success rate with more than 85% of patients maintaining their HbA1c targets.   Book an appointment to visit our diabetes clinic in Greams Road 

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