Dr.Vani Vijay - MS(Gen)., Dip. Laparoscopic Surgery(France)., FRSM., FRSPH(London)
Breast Surgery, Gastroenterology, General Surgery

Chennai - 610006
Chennai - Tamilnadu

044 3301 1011

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Clinics & Hospitals
MIRA Health Care
Chennai City Corporation , Adyar Chennai
About Vani Vijay

Dr.Vani Vijay is a General surgeon graduated in 2008, practising since then in various private hospitals in and around Adyar and RA Puram.She is a consultant in Fortis Malar Hospital, Kauvery Hospital, Alwarpet, Billroth Hospital , RA Puram. As a female surgeon,She has been able to draw attention to most women patients and gynaecologists and other referring physicians to treat women with problems concerning breast, proctology issues and other general surgery problems including laparoscopy ( Gastroenterology and Gynaecology) also. Patients also feel comfortable to share their issues to her rather than a male surgeon and get benefited out of it. It will be nice to inform patients that a female surgeon is available as She has experience in breast surgeries, bottom procedures, Gynaecological laparoscopy and also trained in cosmetic breast issues as well. She also well versed in Gastroenterology and can handle Endoscopic procedures. She also hold a Diploma in Laparoscopy from France ( University of Strasbourg ).

Reg No
75349 Tamil Nadu Medical Council
Reg Year

MBBS - Sri Ramachandra University,2004.MS - General Surgery - Sri Ramachandra University, 2009.Diploma In Laparoscopic General Surgery - University of Strasbourg (France) & European Institute of Telesurgery, Europe, 2010.

Current Position
General surgeon
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Breast Problems
  • Laparoscopic Surgery

Life member of Indian Medical Council - IMA.
Life member of Association of Surgeons of India - ASI.
Fellow of royal society of medicine (London) FRSM.
Member in association of women surgeons (American College of surgeons) AWS, Illinois, USA.


Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine - 2013

Other Activities

CASE REPORT ON CA BREAST, Annual Repaid Review of General Surgery, 2005, SRMC & RI. A CASE REPORT OF HEMORRHAGIC ASCITES, POPSCON 2006, Paediatric Surgery, Puducherry. COMPARITIVE STUDY OF LAPAROSCOPIC AND OPEN APPENDECTOMY – Thesis Paper From 2005 – 2009, SRMC & RI. A CASE REPORT OF CENTRAL PANCREATECTOMY, GET CLUB, GANDHI NAGAR HOSPITAL, Anna Nagar, January 2010. A CASE PRESENTATION OF GALLSTONE ILEUS, Monthly GE Meet Apollo Hospital, January 2010. A CASE PRESENTATION OF ESOPHAGECTOMY FOR ACHALASIA CARDIA, GUT CLUB, Gandhi Nagar Peripheral Hospital, Anna Nagar, February 2010. A CASE OF VOLVULOUS OF STOMACH WITH EVENTERATION OF DIAPHRAGM, Monthly GE Meet, Apollo Hospitals, February 2010. A CASE REPORT OF ESOPHAGECTOMY FOR ACHALASIA CARDIA, CITY Indian Society of Surgical Gastroenterology Meet, GRH, April 2010. A CASE REPORT OFN GASTRIC STUMP CARCINOMA, GUT CLUN, Gandhi Nagar Peripheral Hospital, Anna Nagar Peripheral Hospital, May 2010. A CASE REPORT ON ESOPHAGECTOMY FOR BENIGN DISEASES, MAASICON, ASI, Madurai, August 2010.

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